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Assalam'alaykum - Greetings of Peace! 

The Muslim Life Program is excited to share some of the events we have organized for all of you - students, staff, faculty and community! If you have any questions, please e-mail the MLP Assistant, Yusra Syed (ysyed@princeton.edu).

Dear loving community,

Assalam'alaykum - Greetings of Peace! 

Please note: Due to daylight savings we will start the Jummah Khutbah (sermon) 10 minutes earlier at 1.20 PM. 

Please see below for more details, mark your calendars, join us, and spread the word! 

Dhikr & Dinner
6.30 PM, Murray-Dodge
Every 2nd Thursday of the month, come together to invoke God, recite supplications, and sing sacred songs / poems followed by dinner.
Thursday DEC 13
Qur'an Study
5 PM, Murray-Dodge, Room 103
Join this circle to read and reflect on the Qur'an in English translation with a discussion led by Imam Sohaib Sultan starting Sept. 20.
6.30 PM. See details in EVENTS & NEWS
A series that brings academics, activists and artists to campus:
-9/26: Khaled Beydoun on Islamophobia
-10/24: Sylvia Chan-Malik on Women of Color in American Islam
-11/13: Martin Nguyen on Modern Muslim Theology
-12/5: Joel Blecher on Hadith Commentaries

A Special Seminar on Prophetic Teachings from Lady 'Aisha
Saturday, Nov 10, 11 am - 3 pm
Carl Fields Center (58 Prospect Ave. Princeton NJ)

Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight completed an MA in psychology with a focus on child and family from Columbia University. Alongside her academic degree, she studied traditional Islamic knowledge including Islamic law, theology, spirituality and prophetic biography with local scholars and in the majalis in Amman, Jordan. She's the author of 40 Hadith of 'Aisha, an English collection of 40 hadith narrated by the wife, scholar and sage lady 'Aisha bint Abu Bakr.

Music for the Soul: An evening with Al Firdaus Ensemble
Monday Nov 19, 8 PM (Doors open 7.30 PM)
Richardson Auditorium

Featuring the music of Al-Andalus - the land of coexistence - combining Celtic, Morisco & Moroccan music to create beautiful songs in Arabic, English and even ancient Morisco Spanish.

MLP Celebrating 10 Years Together 

There are two ways you can make your tax-deductible, sadaqa jariyya (continuous charity) donation: 

DONATE ONLINE:  makeagift.princeton.edu and Include COMMENT: 
"Donation is exclusively to support Muslim Life Program Fund B0509."

PAYABLE: Princeton University and cc/memo: Muslim Life Program
MAIL: Sohaib Sultan, 2 MURRAY-DODGE HALL. Princeton NJ 08540


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