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Ramadan 2018! @Princeton University

Dear loving community, Assalam'alaykum & Ramadan Mubarak!

In these final 3 days and 2 nights of Ramadan, we wish you all Allah's divine grace, forgiveness and salvation.

On Wed starting at 6.30 PM we will host our final Themes of the Qur'an circle + TH at 6.30 PM Choosing Love with Dr. Heba El-Khateeb. Look forward to your blessed company! 

EID at Princeton University will be held on Friday June 15th at 9 AM in the Mathey College Commons Room off of University Place. More info.

MLP Celebrating 10 Years Together 

There are two ways you can make your tax-deductible, sadaqa jariyya (continuous charity) donation: 

DONATE ONLINE:  makeagift.princeton.edu and Include COMMENT: 
"Donation is exclusively to support Muslim Life Program Fund B0509."

PAYABLE: Princeton University and cc/memo: Muslim Life Program
MAIL: Sohaib Sultan, 2 MURRAY-DODGE HALL. Princeton NJ 08540

Reunions in Ramadan: Iftar for Princeton Alumni

Looking forward to seeing you during Princeton Reunions!
Join Princeton Muslim Life for an Iftar experience on Saturday June 2, 2018.
7.30 PM Meet & Greet
8:00 PM Imam Sohaib's Welcome
8:15 PM Iftar & Maghrib
Location: Murray Dodge Cafe (Basement)
Please RSVP your attendance.

fe aman Allah wa salam alaykum!
(In God's Care and Peace),
Imam Sohaib

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