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  • *REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN* Mizaan Retreat 2022 2022 Theme: Hilm: Resilience  1-DAY GATHERING Saturday Aug 27, 2022, 10 am - 7 pm
  •   JUMMAH Fridays 1 pm I Murray Dodge Hall, Room 104 Continues throughout summer 2022. Everyone is Welcome. Every Friday, students and community members gather for a sermon, prayer, invocations, and fellowship over food.

August 27, 2021

Welcome to Muslim Life Program, Jummah Mubarak!

Dear Beloved Community,

As salaamu alaikum and Blessed Muharram, a time for reflection and new beginnings. In this sacred month, which marks the Islamic new year, our Prophet (pbuh) migrated from Mecca to Medina, laying the groundwork for the growing Muslim community to imagine together a meaningful future. Now, as many of us find ourselves in new spaces and unfamiliar territory (or old ones that feel different), the stability of a loving, supportive community can make all the difference.

With that, I want to invite and welcome each of you to the Muslim Life Program!

I'm deeply humbled and honored to be serving as the Assistant Dean of Muslim Life here at Princeton University. In my short time here so far, I've already met such kind and gracious individuals -- students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. I'm excited about the good work we'll do together to make our beautiful community even more compassionate and welcoming, diverse and joyous, and willing to serve others. I'm also eager to bring my love for teaching and experience in spiritual care together in a vibrant Muslim community.

My hope is that our Muslim Life Program continues to be a space where people feel nurtured and supported along their spiritual journeys. Beyond our programs and events, I'm also here to be a good conversation partner, share advice, or discuss whatever might be weighing on your heart where a compassionate other can be helpful.

In closing, we'll gather again today for our first in-person Jummah prayer since the pandemic. Please review the University’s guidelines for attending on-campus events and pre-register if you're a visitor at For those unable to attend in person, we'll livestream on our Facebook page.

We're filled with joy and look forward to welcoming you into Murray-Dodge again. We'll also continue our Peace Meditation and Quran Study Circle this year, along with other on-campus and virtual events. More details to come. Please reach out with any questions.

Again, welcome and may all of our new beginnings be blessed.

Fe aman Allah,

Imam Khalil Abdullah



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Fridays 1 PM EST (every friday, even during SUMMER)

Jummah Prayer & Gathering -

•1.15 pm Call to Prayer (Athan)
•1.20 pm Sermon & Prayer (Khutbah & Salat) by Imam Khalil Abdullah or a guest
•1.50 pm Invocation (Du’a) by a sister, followed by fellowship (Suhbah) over samosas

In Person: Murray-Dodge Hall, 1st Floor (Room 104)

We will also be live-streaming the sermon and invocation on our Facebook page:

Recordings are uploaded afterwards onto:


Each week, please write any du'a requests for those who are deceased/ill/have other needs here. We'll be encouraging everyone to pray for them, especially on the blessed day of Jummah.  



MLP Celebrating 11 Years Together 

There are two ways you can make your tax-deductible, sadaqa jariyya (continuous charity) donation: 

"Donation is exclusively to support Muslim Life Program Fund B0509."

PAYABLE: Princeton University and cc/memo: Muslim Life Program
MAIL: Sohaib Sultan, 2 MURRAY-DODGE HALL. Princeton NJ 08540

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