Jummah will continue ONLINE every week throughout the year and summer as always starting at 1 PM. 
ZOOM LINK: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/96887523127

   1.00 pm - Qur'an Recitation
   1.25 pm - Bayaan and Dua

Everyone is welcome!


On occasional Saturdays 11 AM, Imam Sohaib and Arshe will host an online community check-in over coffee / chai. Please join us tomorrow (08/22)!


Assalam'alaykum beloved community,

I pray that you and your families are all doing well, staying safe and strong. 

Today marks the halfway point of the blessed month of Ramadan. This means we are in the portion of seeking God's forgiveness and preparing for the beautiful month to slowly depart. I remind myself and all of us to take advantage of these beautiful days by engaging much with the Qur'an in recitation, memorization and contemplation; to give much in charity to the poor and good causes; and to spend the nights in spiritual vigil calling upon your Lord with hope and humility. 

As cautions around the pandemic continue to be observed, we continue to gather at 1 PM for an online Jummah Gathering starting with recitation from Hafiz Shaffin Siddique or Meryem Konjhodzic, reflections with Imam Sohaib, and dua' given by seyyeda Sabrina Mirza and others. 

Please remember that this does not take the place of jummah prayers which we are all exempt from as long as the masajid remain closed due to health concerns. So, after the online gathering you will pray 4 rakats of dhur prayer by yourself or with folks in your home. It is a blessed day of Friday so make sure to follow the sunnah of taking a bath, wearing your nice clothes and musk, sending abundant salawaat upon the Prophet (s), reciting surah al Kahf, and meeting the people of your home and others with especially good cheer

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