Qur'anic Study Circle

an in depth year long study of Surah al-Baqara
with Imam Sohaib Sultan

TUESDAYS 5 - 6.15 pm

Together as a community of learners we read and seek to understand God's final revelation to humanity with a surah-by-surah reading in English translation. Our goal is to reflect on the Qur'an from cover-to- cover over the course of 2 years. We leave plenty of time for Q&A with Princeton's Muslim chaplain - Imam Sohaib.

Everyone is invited to join this weekly circle where we will seek to understand - historically, spiritually, ethically, and contemporarily - the passages that make up one of the most significant chapters of the Qur’an. The approach will include a survey of Qur’anic commentary and group discussion.

Halal dinner will be served.